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      Address: Changzhou Changjiang
    of the new North West 73
    About Us

    Changzhou Apollo Tourism Equipment Co.,Ltd is located in an area with convenient transportation and rich information. The Company was founded in the year of 2000. The current capital asset totals 20 million RMB. The company covers a floor space of 10 thousand square meters and a building area of 4,500 square meters. We have more than 70 employees which include 20 technology backbones.

    The Company Specialized in manufacturing tent related accessories, metallic productions like connecting tube, connector, pole, tent peg etc. The usual materials are: iron tube, iron string, aluminum tube, aluminum string, stainless steel tube. The bore size is 3 millimeter or bigger. We can make all kinds of special-sized wire rod, heteromorphosis tube and stamping parts. We can also make tent injection molding like all kinds of rubber head and pipe fitting which are made of PE and PVC with all kinds of color, size and heteromorphy according to your sample.

    Our electroplating workshop has been keeping up with the market requirement. We send our products to Shanghai SGS Organization for salt spray test on an irregular basis. The color-plated zinc takes the salt spray for 120 hours and blue zinc 72 hours. The production corrosion area is less than 5% of the production total area, which is within the requirement of the industrial standard.

    In order to be able to manufacture products that fit the international requirement, we never get satisfied with the techniques that we already have. With the hard work of the employees, we aim on manufacturing products with moderate price, short delivery time and high quality, which will satisfy our customers.

    The Company focuses on modern business administration and builds up a highly-sufficient selling network. We attach great importance to the quality of the products, we improve our service and we insist on technological innovation. We are longing to cooperate with friends from all kinds of industries and create a prosperous future together!  

    Changzhou Apollo Travel Goods Co., Ltd. All rights reserved
    Address: Changzhou Changjiang of the new North West 73 Tel:0519-85970387 Fax:0519-85974572 
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